Dec 212012

Ok, perhaps the people who keep trying to sell stuff on my blog are hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings, but I’ll just have to deal with their projections into the two dimensional world of my blog, and they’re clearly morons.

Since they insist on trying to post and trying to create accounts, I’ve now turned off creating comments and accounts.

What a waste of energy.

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Nov 222010

I saw a sign the other day in Midland Ont. that read “radar speed controlled”.   I’m almost certain that this is what the sign had written on it; I’ve seen it twice now. While almost technically accurate; radar signals travel at the speed of light, I’m not sure that the sign accurately communicated the message intended.

Then as I got close to the airport in Toronto another one said “yield to oncoming traffic”. I was on a on-ramp which made me really nervous, ’cause I was sure I was going the right way!

That ranks right up there with the on-road painted signs that are written upside down, like AHEAD STOP.  Which reminds me of an XKCD comic.

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