Jan 282011

So I’ve written about hiding information before.  But now let’s consider the grocer who gives responses that instead of being empty and devoid of assistance actually send you in the wrong direction.  Have you any potatoes?  “Oh yeah, there’s heaps of them ’round back”.

I’ve just dealt with this again while writing some code.  First the app says “Out of Memory”.  But I’m wise enough to that to know that some COM library is old and is missing a few methods I’m trying to use.  Next, I’m trying to do a ping, by calling IcmpSendEcho.  The error code resolves to “Invalid QOS provider specific buffer”.  WTF.

I’m just trying to ping a device on the network to make sure it’s on and connected.  What does this have to do with a QOS provider?  I didn’t even make a buffer for this provider.

Turns out, after 40 minutes of searching Google, and by the way finding absolutely nothing useful, that the problem was that the IP address wasn’t properly initialized and I was using an empty string.  Was equivalent to ping

So why the obscure error code?

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