Nov 222010

So I took on a contract to do some web development. Lots of fun. And lots of hard work. I haven’t actively looked for this sort of work in about 7 years. I was happy to find that so many browsers these days support enough javascript and CSS to make these inventions useful! Woohoo, the world has come a long way. It was amazing to see fairly consistent behaviour too, although there are still some confusing things.

Then I discovered that a good 18% or so of my customer’s customers use Internet Explorer 6.0. Wow. Back to the Bat Cave – IE 6 is really old, and while it has support for AJAX, it doesn’t do it in the same way as the newer browsers do. I’m pretty sure I got it to work, but that was not fun.

Anyway, if you’re in need of some catering for a business lunch in Calgary, check out  Browsers may get outdated, but good food never does!

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