Apr 092011

A budding designer in China has invented a new parasitic power generator!   Called the T-BOX, this thing is supposed to sit between the ties on a high-speed rail line and generate power from the wind.

So we use coal to make electricity to get a train to move to make wind and then use that wind to make electricity again!  This strikes me as an extremely expensive way to generate a little bit of power at the cost of reducing the energy efficiency of passing trains.

I’ve got a better idea:  make sure that the rail bed is as smooth as possible, or let’s say as aerodynamic as possible to minimize the drag on the train, and cover it with photovoltaics  so that it generates electricity when the train isn’t there.  That means that 99% of the day time at least, you’ll generate power, not just the 1% of the time that a train happens to come by.

But if he’s got a clever turbine design, then you could mount the thing with the axis vertically in urban locations to generate power from the wind blasting between buildings.

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